MetaWhale GOLD

What is MetaWhale GOLD?

All MetaWhales start from the assertion that most cryptocurrency tokenomic models are flawed and vulnerable to implosion. We didn’t get distracted by fancy trends and/or utility tokens. And so we didn’t lose focus on what’s really important since the inception of Bitcoin. That is: the evolution towards a fundamentally solid and superior monetary policy applied to decentralized value. MetaWhale carries on the discussion where Bitcoin and the majority of the crypto space has left it off.

MetaWhale Gold is a new paradigm in elastic supply tokenomics. It employs a self-renewable deflationary monetary policy that’s backed by self-filling reserves of tokenized and redeemable physical gold. MetaWhale Gold integrates the category of Value MetaWhale as it establishes its value from its reserves of tokenized gold, an asset that has the longest track record as a reliable store of value.

All around the cryptosphere are deflationary tokens, but market participants who enter after the implosion stage can only lose money as the systems collapse. Given that these protocols aren’t backed by anything other than their own tokens, the remaining holders get left with an important lesson about the true market value of their tokens. In MetaWhale Gold, deflation happens at the same time the protocol fills its own reserves. In doing so, the protocol allows all market participants to make the most out of a deflationary model whilst knowing to a deterministic certainty that their MetaWhale Gold holdings are backed by reserves of tokenized physical gold.

MetaWhale Gold Supply

  • Initial Total Supply: 1,000,000 MWG
  • Initial Ciculating Supply: 850,000 MWG
  • CEX Allocation: 150,000 MWG (optional)
  • Minimum Supply: 1 MWG
  • Additional Mintable Airdrop: 350,000 MWG (maximum possible)

Every MetaWhale Gold Buy:

  • Burns 1.25% of the total transaction value.
  • Sends 1.25% of the total transaction value to MetaWhale Gold reserves.

Every MetaWhale Gold Sell:

  • Burns 2.50% of the total transaction value.
  • Sends 3.75% of the total transaction value to MetaWhale Gold reserves.

Every MetaWhale Gold Transfer Between Wallets

  • Sender burns 1.25% of the total transaction value.
  • Receiver sends 1.25% of the total transaction value to MetaWhale Gold reserves.
    • For a transfer between wallets to happen, the receiver must be active and already hold some MetaWhale Gold.

MetaWhale Gold Reserve

MetaWhale Gold Liquidity

  • Provided and locked during the launch
  • Auto-liquidity provision built into the Reserve Actions.

MetaWhale Gold disregards obsolete inflation/deflation monetary models and aims to achieve the following dynamics, where its value is backed by reserves of tokenized gold bullion.


Each cycle, we expect that the price of MetaWhale will try to accompany the value of tokenized gold bullion locked in its reserves.


Anyone is able to manage the reserves once every 20 actions. This happens by calling deterministic functions on the dashboard so the actions available follow a sequence and cannot be changed. A reward is minted to managers. Learn more about the reserve management.